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Engaging in Positive Conflict

When pressures on relationships increase, frustrations frequently come across in how you talk to each other. It can then be difficult for one person to hear the other due to the hurt being experienced.

Typically you may want to tell the other person how they are making you feel, what they are doing wrong and why they need to change. Over time this can escalate into blame, criticism, distracting or withdrawal. Read more

Firewords new years resolution

New Years Resolutions

It’s common for people to consider making a new years resolution that is going to make a positive differences to health, well being and or lifestyle.

The motivation for your new years resolution is underpinned by it being January 1. Given this is a single day out of the whole year, that initial drive can quickly wane.  Read more

Anxiety – a pain in the neck

Anxiety is undirected emotional energy that is trapped with no apparent way out due to threatening consequences. Behind it is often the belief that there is no way out, that its inevitable that something bad will happen to you at some point over which you have no control. Read more

The stiff upper lip – A very British dis-ease

We often find it hard to show our feelings, at least our real feelings. From a very early age I remember manners were very important in my family and not hurting other peoples feelings. If I was hurt then it was ‘big boys don’t cry’, and I Read more

Trust and Flying

SAD – Seasonal Adjusted Depression Counselling

Many people experience mood changes during the winter season. The cold long dark days can lack colour and energy so affecting how we feel usually on a temporary basis. For some the low mood and lack of energy starts in the Autumn and continues for an extended time during the Winter.