I specialise in individual counselling online helping to improve well being and self esteem

Reach Out

It’s normal to experience down days especially when facing difficulties or uncertainty. Experiencing prolonged thoughts and feelings that interfere with day to day living may be an indication of more than a passing phase.

Others may have noticed that you behaviour, mood or interest has changed and be querying if everything is OK. Its quite common at first to deny anything is wrong  and struggle on alone.

Its important that you recognise if you are struggling or feel different from your usual self. Accepting that you might need the support of others is fundamental to  getting your life back on track.

Going on to be open with others is a big step forwards in getting to be where you want to be. Asking for help from others also encourages them to ask for help if  they need it in the future. Share with people you trust what you are going through. Reach out to friends, family and work colleagues as a support network.

Enlist professional help from a trained counsellor/therapist so as to work through and either resolve the issues you are facing or find better ways of managing and coping.

Areas of Specialisation

Improving Well Being

The focus of my therapeutic work is to help clients to feel better about themselves, others and day to day life.

All of us face face challenges throughout our life. Some we can whist stand and bounce back from and others can wear us down until we are feeling overwhelmed and empty of joy.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Life Events

Sometimes beneficial things happen unexpectedly and we feel good about ourself and others. We might feel lucky and at peace or just take it for granted.

Damaging and painful experiences might slowly grow and develop over time. Until one day they become intolerable.  Or they may suddenly over power us without warning.

What constitutes an event that brings us suffering are many and varied. Everyone is different, there is no right or wrong way how to react. We are all impacted in different ways, duration and intensity.

External Impacts

We are constantly subject to events that occur that are external to us and therefore do not have or lose what control we had over the situation. This can bring uncertainty, confusion and pain.

Being out of the control, not knowing what to do, how to make things better can be like walking alone in the dark. If we are used to being in control and knowing what to do then the impact can be all that much greater.

This might be loss of independence, bereavement, redundancy, retirement, a brake down of a relationship. Hostile, dangerous and exhausting situations. There are countless ways in which we can subject to external  forces that can wear us down.

Internal Factors

How we both think and feel about the world and ourself has a huge influence on our well being and self esteem.

Our internal dialogue often reflects our mood reinforcing and exaggerating how we feel. When our mood is low then those messages tend to be self critical and limiting.

Working with me can help changes those messages so that they become encouraging and self empowering.