Online Counselling and Therapeutic Coaching

Accessing Online Counselling

Online counselling and coaching is an efficient and effective way of exploring and resolving the issue you want to work with.

It suits both individual and couples counselling providing you with access to the therapist with the most appropriate specialisation and experience irrespective of location.

I use the Zoom app and along with a mobile device/laptop to bring the therepeutic practice to you. As with face to face counselling working online develops a therapeutic relationship that underpins the work.

Advantages of Online Therapy

  • Allows you to match your needs with the specialism of the therapist irrespective of location.
  • Those clients with mobility issues or lack of transport can access a wide range of service providers.
  • Can provide emergency access to a therapist
  • Avoids transport costs and parking charges
  • Reduces times required to travel to and from the therapist
  • Couples who are in different locations from each other can still participate in relationship counselling
  • Counselling and therapeutic coaching sessions are still available when travelling on business, on holiday or live abroad
  • Access to counselling for Ex Pats living abroad.

Disadvantages of Online Therapy

  • If you don’t have a quiet and private space this can interupt sessions
  • Non qualified or suitably experienced therapists may advertise their services
  • Technology can sometimes let you down interuppting connection
  • The travelling to and from the therapy sessions can act as a period of relection
  • Does not suit couples work where there is the threat of domestic abuse


Clients with UK bank accounts make payment via online banking prior to the session. You will be given the account details beforehand so that you can setup up payment.

Session Frequency

For clients that are travelling or have irregular schedules I try to accommodate as much as possible.

For clients typically this starts as weekly and then as outcomes start to be achieved this may reduce to fornightly before ending.