I specialise in couples counselling in Southampton helping to recreate intimate and fulfilling relationships

Areas of Specialisation

Relationship Counselling for Couples

I specialise in working with couples who are experiencing difficulties or simply want to breathe new life into their relationship.

Couples counselling southampton can help give you a better perspective of what is happening. Helping to  recognise and figure out how obstacles to well being might best be resolved.

Neutral and Discreet

My practice provides a private and secure environment where difficult things can be said and heard safely. There is time in which events can be explored, consider why they are happening and to recognise the impact.

As a couples therapist my role is to work with you so you recognise the best outcomes for yourselves individually and for the relationship. I don’t take sides, judge, criticise or tell you what to do.

Couples therapy enables resolution of conflict and rebuilding of your relationship.

Finding Your Voice

Working with both individuals in the counselling session I encourage each person to be able say what is happening for them and what they are experiencing. Standing back, slowing down and thinking calmly brings clarity.

Importantly each person can benefit from identifying their unmet needs, wants and desires. Then to be able to consider how those needs might be met.

The Art of Listening and Acknowledging

This requires some give and take, sharing of thoughts and feelings. Couples can use the relationship therapy sessions to develop negotiation skills, recognise the importance of meeting own needs whilst learning about yourself and your partner.

Relationships in difficulty really can and often do benefit from couples counselling.

Counselling in Southampton for Couples

Graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute.

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Challenges to Relationships

You started your relationship, partnership or marriage with the expectation of leading a happy, loving and satisfying life together. Sharing interests, intimacy and connection.

Feeling loved, acknowledged and valued, there was contentment and security. It was meant to be happily ever after. Then over time things changed, often a series of small things and suddenly there is a gulf between you. What happened, you can’t relate to each other!?

External Impacts

Life events can all have an significant impact on a couples relationship. Being too busy for each other, external demands, tiredness, loss of libido, redundancy, stress at work, financial difficulties, moving home, the list is endless. Not being able to conceive, children being born, children living at home or leaving home are also huge disruptions in couples lives.

Relationships continue to evolve and develop over time. Reflecting how all individuals themselves grow. Within the relationship couples face difficulties with negotiations, conflicts, differences of opinion and unmet needs.

Changes Within

Relationships aren’t static. They change according to nature of  both individuals and people don’t necessarily develop at the same rate. Leading on occasions to insecurity, unfulfilment and lack of rapport.

As individuals change then one or both partners may feel dissatisfied with the other person. One morning you wake up and wonder do you love each other any more. Do you even love yourself still?

Time for Change

As you get older you may no longer recognise your partner or yourself. Somewhere the relationship has taken a wrong turn and one or both of you didn’t keep up.

This can be a period of uncertainty, confusion and anxiety. It can feel really lonely. Maybe its time for you to do something different and try something new.

That something is to engage in couples counselling seek to form a new relationship that is stronger than it was before.

Discover new things about you and your partner. Find what you have been missing and how to put it back into the relationship.