Session Information

Initial Assessment Session

The first session that we have is for 50 minutes and is to discuss in more detail the issues you face, background information and outcomes that you hope for from counselling.

I will provide you with information about the counselling process, confidentiality and the counselling agreement.

This initial assessment will inform me about what it is you want to change, that I am the right person to help you and that we can work together in a collaborative and effective way.

Starting Counselling Sessions

When beginning counselling sessions are typically held each week at the same time for an agreed number of sessions and last for 50 minutes. In some situations by arrangement this may be fortnightly to accommodate work, child care etc.

Extended counselling sessions can be arranged; availability permitting.

Jointly we will confirm the agenda and start by determining the current position and any changes since the last session. The situation will be explored with thoughts, feelings and actions examined in relation to how they impact on the current situation.

How you relate to yourselves and others has a great impact on the quality of your life and relationships. Initially you may come to therapy feeling confused, isolated and despairing.

During Counselling and Therapy

We will be working with those difficult issues at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Initially you may feel in a more painful place than when you first started counselling.

Bringing up those things you find difficult into the open and talking about them can be painful. But by doing so they can be looked at, examined and a new perspective gained.

When reflecting on what has happened this can reveal the part you have played as well as others. Also considering how it has and still continues to impact on your life.

Through awareness comes understanding. This in turn can lead to new options and choices. You might come to accept what has happened, learning to live well in the future.

Alternatively you may make a conscious choice to be different and make changes in your life. In this way the most appropriate and beneficial decisions can be taken so as to achieve the best outcome.

Ending Therapy

You will know when it is time to finish counselling. As then you will have greater insight and control over your situation. Likely you will have a greater sense of self and now know what future direction you intend to take.

In fact the ending of our counselling work is the start of your new way of being. As with any beginning there are new things for you to then find, discover and experience.

Session Fees

Individual Initial Assessment: £30

Individual Counselling Session: £45

Couples Initial Assessment: £40

Couples Counselling session: £60

Coaching session: £60

Payment by cash or debit/credit card