Client Agreement

New Direction Solutions Counselling provides the time and space for you to talk about your issues and explore difficult feelings and thoughts in a safe and supportive environment.  It is a collaborative process where we will work together to understand and recognise what are the possible options and outcomes for you.

I will be there for you to listen and work with you to gain insight how best to deal with specific problems, relationships, accept change and consider different ways of living.  Counselling is not an easy quick fix; it requires active participation and commitment to achieve the beneficial outcome.


Room 35, 2nd Floor, Royal Mail House, Terminus Terrace, Southampton, SO14 3FD

Please note there is no disabled access so is unsuitable for clients with mobility issues


What you say or do during the counselling sessions is confidential. There are a few legal and ethical exceptions:

If I believe you are at risk of serious harm to yourself or others.

If you divulge serious criminal acts of terrorism, money laundering, child abuse

If I am instructed to do so by a court order

I receive professional supervision as part of my ongoing training to ensure I am working in an appropriate and effective way. I may discuss elements of our work to enhance my own development during which your anonymity will be maintained.

If you require further information about confidentiality please visit

Initial Session

I will meet you in the lobby area to greet you and take you to the counselling room. We will have an initial assessment session so that you become more familiar with counselling and how it may help. It will also enable you ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have before committing to series of sessions.

During this session I will make an assessment of your presenting problems and difficulties. Together we will consider your goals of counselling and areas to be worked on in future sessions.

Importantly this initial session is help you decide if you want to work with me.

Individual initial assessment: £30.00             Couples/Relationship initial assessment: £40.00

Clients are requested to arrive on time, although you will be welcome to wait in the lobby area on the ground floor if you are a few minutes early

Counselling Sessions

Typically a session will last 50 minutes and be held on a weekly basis by agreement. Other arrangements can be considered. The number of sessions are open ended, we will review progress toward your desired outcomes on a regular basis and you can decide to continue or come to a close when your needs are met as you choose.

Individual Session fee £45                             Couples/Relationship session Fee: £60

Clients agree to give at least one full weeks’ notice of their intention to finish therapy. We will hold a final session in order to end well and ensure the client is in the best place.


Payment may be made by BACS transfer, cash or cheque. Unfortunately I am unable to accept bank cards at this time.


Notice of holidays will be given as far in advance as possible by both counsellor and client.

A minimum of 24 hours advance notification of cancellations is required except in exceptional situations. This can be  via email, text or phone call. Sessions cancelled within this time may incur the full session fee.

If you do not contact me after a missed session within 2 days I will assume that you have discontinued with counselling and I will make the session available to others.


Contact between sessions is not expected except to arrange or cancel sessions by phone, text or email.

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