About Me

I am a qualified counsellor and therapist, working with adult individuals, couples and family members to find the best outcomes for their wellbeing that are available.

My training was in Transactional Analysis Counselling an observable model of  personality that explores and bring awareness of interactions between people and within the individual.

This enables choice, decisions and positive change to be made. Its an exciting tool that I use in my own life every day. It helps me to understand why I react as I do when I meet challenges and how I might respond in the here and now more appropriately.

My Practice

I chose the practice name New Direction Solutions as it typifies how it is sometimes necessary to learn to do, think or feel in a different way so as to resolve those issues that we all encounter in life.

Working with clients and seeing them develop and change in positive ways gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Doing something that is so meaningful provides me with purpose and feeling valued.

For many years I worked in fast paced demanding companies in the area of IT Service Management directly working with teams in different countries and from different cultures.

This gave me the first hand experience of working in an organisational capacity with the challenges this entails. Many people feel trapped in their jobs and lack fulfilment.

I take on clients directly and from EAPs (Employee Assistance Program) to help tackle work place issues. We spend so much time a work and it often defines us to others. Having the right job/work/career/role is SO IMPORTANT!

My Interests

I have studied the martial art of Goju Karate directly from my teacher in Japan for over twenty five years. As the UK representative of the school I now teach other teachers.

Doing something physical in a social setting brings many advantages. In the modern world isolation and lack of mental/physical stimulation is becoming a real problem. I’m getting older so I’m not as quick and don’t heal like I used to. So I have learn to adapt – that’s life!

Honestly, if you are going to do one thing to have a better life – get out there in the real world and PARTICIPATE!

My years of being a student and a teacher has been and continues to be very rewarding.

My Challenges

I like to ensure everything is OK and secure, so I can be a bit directive and controlling when planning things that involve my family. Going to plan for me means no nasty surprises and my family being OK. There is a feeling of being responsible that I hold onto.

Getting older isn’t something I’m giving into just yet. Turning more and more grey, I’m not going to dye it, so I just hope I look distinguished and that others see it as representing experience.

There is always something new to learn, to do to experience. So I get unsettled with the mundane and quickly start looking for something that I find interesting

These are all elements of my personality and I feel OK with them.

Professional training and qualifications

Ba (Hons) Humanistic Transactional Analysis Counselling

Research into use of metaphors in counselling and psychotherapy

Certificate of Couples Counselling

Graduate of developmental model training Couples Institute

Currently undertaking training in Emotion Focussed Therapy for Couples

Training in: Anger, Rage and Relationship

Gambling and Alcohol addiction

Member of British Association Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling Organisations Worked For

Options Counselling Service

Hampshire Carers Trust

Mike Clark Therapist

What I can do for you

I work with clients to work through difficult and painful issues that cause emotional distress.

Through exploration during the sessions into patterns of behaviour, thoughts, feelings including beliefs and values then a greater awareness emerges. This is done at a gentle pace in a safe and supportive environment.

As inner conflicts arise and are recognised, better sense can be made of them and how being pulled in two directions at the same time keeps us held in place unable to move backwards or forwards repeating the same cycle.

Through the examination of self; the human condition then unmet needs may be revealed and in turn what might do to meet them.

This brings choice, options and the possibility to make decisions to take new directions toward to a more self accepting and content life.


I also work as a coach for those clients who want to take action yet find themselves stuck through lack of direction, motivation,  or uncertainty.

Through examination of what a client wants to move away from and what they want to move toward then solutions can be put in place to encourage and support advantageous change.