Depression, Coaching or Counselling

How do I Choose between Coaching or Counselling

Clients sometimes query should I have Coaching or Counselling. This of course depends on the needs of the client, what they bring, the challenges faced and the desired outcome.

With depression, many people suffer in silence. Feeling flat, despairing and finding it difficult to cope with day to day life. This can be mild, moderate or severe.

Someone who has experienced severe depression from an early age. Would benefit from the care of a GP and psychotherapy. This can help the individual explore and share their feelings. Possibly identifying and resolving past conflict so as to live a happier life or just coping better.

Another person experiencing moderate depression. This may be due to  loss, trauma or generally feeling stuck.  Could benefit from counselling through increasing awareness and understanding of what is being experiencing. Can lead to a lifting of mood and greater capacity to manage mental well being.

This is therapeutic work. In these two instances the focus is on internal healing and growth. Counsellors are trained to a professional level, to work with depression, have regular supervision and be members of a governing body such as BACP, UKCP.

When depression is mild or moderate, with the individual able to function with day to day life. This may be due to specific and limited reasons such as at work or financial problems. Then would likely benefit from coaching by looking at what is happening and why.

The coach provides information, support and structure. Considering possible options, reasonable and appropriate actions can be taken. Working with the client to make situational changes and regain control over the environment. Note coaches are not trained therapists but can have an impact on well being and with the managing of symptoms.

This is catalytic work creating a reaction. The focus is on the empowerment of the client to exert external influence and bring about lasting change.

There are overlaps between Coaching and Counselling. This includes the importance of the relationship, contracting for change and specifying the intended outcome.

Coaching operates in the here and now.  With the emphasis on taking action and adapting attitudes to bring about lasting positive change.

My Coaching and Counselling approach. I am trained in Transactional Analysis a model of personality, communication and of change. Its goal is for clients to realise their potential and be charge of their own life.

Please note anyone experiencing or suspecting they may have depression should see their GP. This doesn’t mean you have to take medication. It is a first step in recognising and acknowledging that what you are feeling is genuine and of significance. Next is getting support to help get you through this.

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