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Mike Clark Relationship Counsellor for Individuals and Couples

Mike Clark

Counsellor, Coach and Therapist (MBACP, BA Hons)

Counselling and Coaching

These are both ways of working through obstacles and issues that prevent us from leading a more content and happy life.

Counselling enables you to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that impact on you so as to improve relationships, self worth and wellbeing.

Coaching gives you the tools and strategies to recognise and achieve your goals, potential and fulfilment.

Client Work Undertaken

For couples who are experiencing communication, connection and intimacy difficulties in their relationship

Counselling Southampton

You are impacted by the way you think, feel and relate to yourself, partners, friends, family, work colleagues and the events that you experience throughout your life. Often these are outside your control. Finding yourself overwhelmed you can reach out to me for support.

The focus of my therapeutic approach if to help individuals and couples to restore a sense of well being, balance and an ability to cope in an uncertain world. This might be struggling with a loss of direction, relationship difficulties, work issues, bereavement, stress, anxiety or depression

Exploring your wants, needs, identity and purpose can help with re-establishing a greater sense of self resilience

For couples this can help the relationship grow by exploring and healing past hurts. Events that have occurred can’t be undone. However they can be learnt from and a new way of being together leading to a healthier and more satisfying relationship.

Specialist Therapy Tools

I use Transactional Analysis Counselling, an observable model of personality, relationship and communication. Providing a powerful insight and explanation into your inner workings and interactions with self and others. This forms that basis of my counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.

Integrated with CBT (Cognitive Based Therapy) thoughts, emotions, actions and physical feelings can be made sense of and changed.

Relationships change over times as do our needs and wants. As a graduate of Dr Ellyn Bader’s Developmental Training Model for relationship counselling and couples therapy this approach helps explain how our relationships grow and develop.

Importantly this helps with understanding how we as individuals and our relationship change over time. This helps to explain how events can lead to conflict, distance and reduced intimacy.

Additionally I use elements of Emotionally Focused Therapy and Imago couples therapy in my relationship counselling. Helping couples learn about their relationship cycles by attending to their reactions and feelings. Learning how to communicate more calmly and effectively so as to be heard and understood so as to de-escalate conflict and anxiety.

Thoughts, feelings and actions that are experienced are explored so as to make sense of them. Greater awareness and knowledge leads to making positive and effective change to improve relationships with self and others.

Cultivating a Better Life

From increased awareness of self and others comes a greater understanding of the situation and of yourself.

Then you are able to identify your own wants and needs that historically have likely been neglected.  Consequently learning to value yourself more in turn leads to developing strategies for leading a more positive life. In this way your voice is heard and your self worth recognised by self and others.

By recognising your abilities, you can then see the possibilities and have the insight to make decisions that bring about beneficial change.

Learning to Cope

Family, friends, colleagues, lovers, acquaintances reflect who we are. When those connections are threatened or lost then we lose a part of ourself.

In those situations over which you have no control such as bereavement and loss of a relationship this means coming to accept what cannot be changed. Therefore being better able to cope day to day and living more fully.

This work takes place in the privacy of my private counselling practice which is a safe, confidential and discreet environment for both individual and couples counselling. Conveniently located in central Southampton at Royal Mail House, Terminus Terrace there is parking located nearby.

Support and Change

My role as a counsellor and therapist is not to judge, criticise, take sides or tell an individual or a couple what to do or not to do. Importantly my role is to work as a facilitator alongside you through your difficulties so as to support you finding those solutions and ways of being that empower and enhance your life.

You are the expert on yourself and I have the expertise in counselling. In this way we come together as equal participants. This is a collaborative and active process. Working together to bring about positive change and to realise the best outcomes for you

I am an experienced and qualified counsellor holding membership of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). working from my counselling and coaching practice near to Ocean Village in Southampton

Invest in yourself today for a better future

This is attending to the quality of your life and determining that now is the time to make change for the better. Spending time and attention on yourself rather than others enables new possibilities to develop so improving relationships with yourself and others.

The focus for Individual and couple clients at my counselling southampton practice is on therapy that promotes growth and development. This is to enable increased wellbeing, ability to make changes and to cope with uncertainty.

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